Image Based Rendering

Image-based Rendering (IBR) is a powerful alternative to tedious modeling and expensive photo-realistic rendering in computer graphics. This page includes projects that investigate the usage of multi-view images, 3d geometry and other semantic information to achieve realistic free-view point navigation

Automatic 3D Car Model Alignment for Mixed Image-Based Rendering

[Project webpage]


A Bayesian Approach for Selective Image-Based Rendering using Superpixels

Image Based Rendering

Image Based Renderings

Recent methods have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on 3D reconstruction quality and scene content. Each algorithm operates with a set of hypotheses about the scene and the novel views, resulting in different quality/speed trade-offs in different image regions. We present a principled approach to select the algorithm with the best quality/speed trade-off in each region. To do this, we propose a Bayesian approach, modeling the rendering quality, the rendering process and the validity of the assumptions of each algorithm [Project webpage]

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